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about kathyKathy Masarie wears many hats. She is the parent of a college age son and daughter. both of whom are spending this year studying in Australia. She is a pediatrician who left her medical practice eight years ago to found a non-profit organization, Full Esteem Ahead, where she serves as Program Director. Kathy now is working as a Parent and Life Coach, leading parenting classes and working one-on-one with adults and teens. As a pediatrician and the founder of Full Esteem Ahead she has worked with thousands of caring adults to help our kids stay health and thrive. She is now a coach, to proactively improve family dynamics for connection and a successful future.

Kathy's caring and commitment to the well being of families touches all facets of her life. She was the mom who constructed a knight's castle for her son out of a dishwasher box, complete with a working drawbridge. She was the doctor who always spent extra time with each family so she could get to know them better.

Her entire life reflects a passionate motivation to help our youth, starting with teaching swimming lessons as a teen to pediatrics to Full Esteem Ahead to empowering families through coaching. She is smart and competent and passionate and caring. And what she has learned with all these experiences is something she strongly wants to share with others whenever she gets a chance. She is generous in heart and in spirit.

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